Hand Spinner – Blue and White Porcelain #P5




  • Unique blue and white Chinese porcelain pattern design, ceramic center bearing, SLA technology, laser industrial molding technology, high quality materials, accompany you year by year.
  • Premium Quality: Made of highest grade bearings that can spin for 150 Seconds to 180 Seconds(In bearing breaking-in period,it spins about 90 seconds)
  • Extra smooth surface and right size bring to you the most comfortable playing experience(6-7 CM is the most suitable for the hands)
  • Use our Fidget Spinner Toy to help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing. And also help to increase focus and attention
  • Package includes  :  1 * Fidget Spinner Toys

How to use it:
Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice spinners can be spun using one hand only using the fingers of one hand to stop and start spinning.


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